• Question: Are you looking forward to the Healthy World Zone?

    Asked by modhannah on 17 Mar 2022.
    • Photo: Andrew Scarpelli

      Andrew Scarpelli answered on 17 Mar 2022:

      I am excited about this. This is all new to me, so I’m not sure what to expect, but there are so many problems we can solve by having a conversation and finding ways to move forward. We often see the environment around us as something very distant and foreign from us, but it’s something deeply tied to our health and even to our identities. Figuring out all the links between us and the world around us can help us be better stewards of the earth and protect ourselves and the people we love. I’m excited for this conversation!

    • Photo: Srishti Baid

      Srishti Baid answered on 17 Mar 2022: last edited 17 Mar 2022 2:13 pm

      Yes! VERY excited about it! It’s gonna be a new and learning experience for me too!!! 😀

    • Photo: Brian O'Flynn

      Brian O'Flynn answered on 17 Mar 2022:

      Can’t wait! When I was in school we were all talking about other planets and everything space related. I am curious to see what science questions and topics are most on the minds of young people today.

    • Photo: Chloe Kirk

      Chloe Kirk answered on 17 Mar 2022:

      Yes, I am very excited to speak with students & address how we can make a healthier world!

    • Photo: Rebecca Smith

      Rebecca Smith answered on 17 Mar 2022:

      Yes! I love to talk about health in all its aspects! Curious to see how it goes . . .

    • Photo: Stefania Kapsetaki

      Stefania Kapsetaki answered on 18 Mar 2022:

      Yes, really excited! Looking forward to answering questions about ecology, cancer, and the evolution of multicellularity!

    • Photo: Subhadeep Dutta

      Subhadeep Dutta answered on 18 Mar 2022:

      I’m very much excited to be a part of the ‘Healthy World Zone’ initiative by ‘I’m a Scientist-US’ team. I would love to inspire young curious minds and try my best to answer their questions ;)!

    • Photo: Yewande Okunoren-Oyekenu

      Yewande Okunoren-Oyekenu answered on 18 Mar 2022:

      It’s a reality Science Competition for Students by real-life scientists.
      I am in the Healthy World Zone and look forward to a great time.

      I have done “I’m a Scientist get me out of here UK”, similar to I’m a celebrity get me out of here but for Scientists and sponsored by Welcome trust

      “I’m a Scientist stay at home” where we taught science from home during lockdown

      Now “I’m a Scientist USA”

      Yewande Okunoren-Oyekenu

    • Photo: Ronan Lordan

      Ronan Lordan answered on 23 Mar 2022:

      I can’t wait to take part in the Healthy World Zone discussion with everyone! I look forward to meeting all of the future scientists 😀 🧫 🧬 🔬 🥼 🧪

    • Photo: Jodi Schneider

      Jodi Schneider answered on 4 Apr 2022:

      Yes! This is a cool way to get to chat with students from all over the country!

    • Photo: Sabrina Slater

      Sabrina Slater answered on 5 Apr 2022:

      Bring on the awesome young scientists!

    • Photo: Manbir Sandhu

      Manbir Sandhu answered on 6 Apr 2022:

      I’m very excited to participate in this, but I admit, it’s very new to me and I don’t know what to expect. Here for the ride though!