A thank you from your winner, Srishti Baid 🏆🎉

Srishti Baid is the winner of the Healthy World Zone, after receiving the most votes from students! They win $500 to spend on more science engagement activities. Here’s what they have to say about their victory… When I got the email that I won the Healthy World Zone in I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here! I was really surprised to be selected as the winner. Thank you to the students for voting and to the teachers for encouraging their participation. I really enjoyed participating in the Healthy World Zone. It was refreshing to talk to middle and high school students and get their perspectives on science and their curiosities about STEM. Their questions were innocent, and they showed great enthusiasm to learn about the lives of scientists and not just about science alone. Often, we are so research-driven, that we forget there are other things that we are … Continue reading

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🏆 The Healthy World Zone Winner is Srishti Baid

Thanks to all the students, scientists and teachers that have taken part in the Healthy World Zone! It has been a fab 7 weeks. We hope you’ve enjoyed it – and we hope you’ve learnt something about what it’s like being a scientist. There have been some excellent questions asked by students. Here are some of my favourites – click to read the answers! If u could change one thing about ur job what would it be and why? if you came with a warning label, what would the label say? Whats your favorite taylor swift song? Throughout the Zone students have been voting for their favourite scientist. That scientist will win $500 to spend on more science engagement. We are pleased to announce that the winner is… 🏆Srishti Baid 🥇 🎊 Congratulations! 🥳 Though the Zone has come to an end, you can view it at any time, to look … Continue reading

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Who’s taking part in the Healthy World Zone?

Welcome to the Healthy World Zone Running until April 15, students can connect with scientists in the Healthy World Zone. Students can Ask questions, Chat to them, and Vote for their favourite to win a $500 prize for more outreach activities. The scientists are working on lots of different and exciting things. Here are just some of the people taking part: Take a look at all the scientists taking part ❯ Teachers: Book a live Chat from your dashboard ❯ You can see where the scientists are from on the map below: We look forward to you joining us in the Healthy World Zone! ModHannah and the Healthy World Zone Team

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